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Class Action / Complex Litigation


Lawsuits can be characterized as complex litigation when one or more of the following features are involved with bringing a claim:

  • Massive amounts of documents and other information that must be reviewed
  • Very large numbers of potential witnesses or parties to the suit;
  • Issues involving complex calculations or engineering;
  • Many different but unquestionably related issues;
  • Extreme time pressures imposed by judges, opponents, or client imperatives;
  • Class action lawsuits;
  • Presentation and cross examination of expert witnesses in highly specialized fields of expertise

Class action litigation is one of the most common forms of complex litigation. A class action suit is a case brought against a company whose actions have damaged a group of people in a similar way. A single person who has been injured may bring a class action on behalf of everyone who has been harmed. After the action has been started, it is common for many other injured people to join the class action lawsuit and become “class members.”

Dangerous drugs, defective products, and unfair business practices are often the focus of class action lawsuits. Products subject to class action litigation can include over-the-counter or prescription medication, defective machinery, tools, motor vehicle defects (for example seat belts and tires), toys and electronics. Class action lawsuits allow consumers to join together in order create a safer society and insure a fairer marketplace.

The Cochran Firm has developed lasting working relationships with a number of experts in many highly complex and specialized fields. Our experience with complex litigation allows us to use trial preparation techniques geared specifically toward complex legal matters, and our technical and legal support team is specifically trained to deal with the high volume of work associated with these complicated cases.

It is important to seek the advice of a qualified, knowledgeable law firm experienced and skilled with complex litigation if you feel a company’s action may have caused damage to a group of people. Call The Cochran Firm today at 334-673-1555 for a free consultation.