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Dangerous and Defective Drugs


At one time or another, almost everyone has to rely on the benefits of prescription drugs. For many of us, prescription drugs are part of our daily lives.  The industry helps millions of people, which is a wonderful thing. But when billion dollar profits are at stake, the consumer needs a tough watch dog. People should feel safe in that their medications are not treating one disease while unknowingly causing or increasing the risk of developing something more harmful.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has developed an extensive approval process that all prescription drugs must pass through before being made available for public use.  The FDA is able to maintain a relatively high level of safety through these precautions, but sometimes even harmful drugs are approved.

The pharmaceutical industry has the benefit of resources, the insider knowledge of the product, and the profit motive that make it possible to game the system and market drugs whose long term side effects may not be fully understood.  When large pharmaceutical companies rush a drug to market in order to capture drug patents and profits, it is the consumer who is put in danger.

Serious, long term injury or even death can result from the use of prescription drugs that are defective, improperly labeled, or wrongly prescribed.  At The Cochran Firm – Dothan, we have the resources and experience necessary to pursue complex pharmaceutical claims. If you feel that you have been injured by a prescription drug, our experienced attorneys can assist you in evaluating your claims.

As with many types of legal claims, pharmaceutical injury cases must be filed within a certain amount of time from the occurrence of the injury, which varies by state. If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury, you need the assistance of a law firm capable of fighting back against the giant, pharmaceutical industry.  The attorneys at The Cochran Firm –Dothan are available to answer your questions about defective prescription drugs and how you can secure your legal rights. Call The Cochran Firm –Dothan to schedule a free consultation. Call 334-673-1555.