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Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys

If You Have Been in a Wreck with a Commercial Vehicle, You Need to Act Immediately!

For motorists, one of the most frightening scenarios is being hit by an 18-wheeler. A typical, fully loaded commercial truck (such as a dump truck or 18-wheeler) can weigh at least 25 times as much as a typical passenger car. Driver fatigue and driver distractions, such as cell phones and texting, are two leading causes of commercial vehicle wrecks.

Following a crash, the trucking company and its insurance carrier will start an immediate investigation of the scene to protect the company’s interests. Typically, the strategy of the trucking companies is to deny that their driver was at fault. These companies have specific and detailed procedures on handling truck accident claims designed to limit the recovery of those injured in the crash.

Hire Our Team of Experienced Attorneys

In many of the trucking accident cases we have litigated over the last 25 years, we have successfully used forensic analysis of the evidence to identify the causes of the wreck. Even in what appears to be clear cases of a negligently operated commercial vehicles, trucking companies will attempt to shift the blame to the other driver.

Most trucking companies have investigators and engineers on call whose sole responsibility is to deflect blame from the negligent commercial truck driver. That is why you need to hire a team of attorneys who have experience in dealing with the complexities of commercial accident cases.

If you have been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer, call us (1-800- 239-2555) at The Cochran Firm and put our experience to work for you.