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Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to benefit the worker if he or she sustains a workplace or “on the job” injury. Workers’ Compensation is an accident insurance program that provides compensation, vocational rehabilitation benefits, and medical care for covered workers. Additionally, dependent benefits are available for the worker’s family in the event one dies in a work related accident.

Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation statute contains specific provisions such as reporting requirements and administrative procedures. If these requirements are not met, one’s claim may be adversely affected.

All businesses with five or more employees must have Workers’ Compensation coverage. There are a few exceptions to this law, but if you are uncertain if your employer is covered, ask your supervisor if coverage is available.

An “on the job” injury is one that occurs within the line and scope of your job or employment. Occupational diseases and cumulative stress injuries may be covered, too. Some Workers’ Compensation claims may include illnesses or injuries you might not consider job related. It is important to know if your illness or injury resulted from your employment.

Remember: If you are injured on the job, you MUST report your injury within five days of the accident or event. Report any illness or injury to your supervisor. It is important to provide complete details, and make sure your claim is recorded.

The lawyers with The Cochran Firm – Dothan feel it is important that the working men and women of Alabama have access to information which will help protect their rights should a work place injury occur. If you have questions about your rights to a Workers’ Compensation matter, call our office today at 334-673-1555 for a free consultation.

For more answers to you Workers’ Compensation questions, refer to the Workers’ Compensation Guide in the Resources & Media section of this website.